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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Which Realtor Do You Choose?

Woodmere Associates Realty and its associates are proud to be members of the National and Arizona Associations of REALTORS. Each of us is pledged to protect the best interests of our clients.  Only members of the NAR and AAR can place their client’s properties on the MLS.

Want to Start Off With a High Sales Price? Beware!

Your Woodmere Associate can be an invaluable asset when pricing your home. They have the experience and data to help you set the very best asking price. If you ask more than the traffic will bear, prospects will not even want to see the house. Price the property too low and you may lose money.

What Happens Behind the Scenes

After you have signed a listing contract, your listing agent really starts their work. There are a myriad of documents and data which must be collected and/or executed including the Sellers Disclosure, etc. Your Woodmere REALTOR Associate will assist you in completing all the necessary forms and disclosures.

You may have been your property for a long time. It’s your pride and joy! Pride and joy or not, the property is still just another property on the market. USE REASON in pricing.

De-personalize the house.

It is best to de-personalize a dwelling before putting it on the market. Remove all clutter even though you may not think it is clutter.

ALWAYS have the bed made, dishes washed and put away.
Make sure the bath is cleaned before a showing.

Make sure you do a “spring cleaning” both inside and out before listing. Repair all of those little problems which have cropped up during the time you have owned the property and put off fixing. Do this both inside and outside your property. During the stress of buying or selling a home, relatively insignificant items can become serious stumbling block to completing the purchase or sale.