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Area Highlights of the Florence Area

Florence, Arizona, is home to four retirement communities that offer welcome relief from the bitter winter weather in other areas and the stress of big city congestion. Many seniors have relocated to Florence permanently, enjoying these many benefits.

Located about an hour South of Phoenix and an hour north of Tucson, Florence boasts clean air, tons sunshine, friendly neighbors, and a healthy relaxing way of life. Active adults enjoy the many wonderful recreational opportunities offered in the Grand Canyon State. Winter sports and activities are just a few hours away, fishing and boating lakes and streams abound all year around. Closer to home there is golf, theater, museums, professional and collegiate sporting events in season, regional shopping malls, outlet malls, casinos, first rate medical facilities, and an international airport. There are many other attractions all within an hour, or less, of Florence.  NASCAR comes to Phoenix at least twice a year, fans can see their favorite hometown teams when they come to play the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals or Arizona Diamondbacks.

Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa, AZ in an easy 30 minute drive from Florence and boasts a Sears, Penney’s, Best Buy, Dillard’s, and many other retail stores including a Super Wal-Mart and several auto dealerships. About the same distance from Florence is the Promenade At Casa Grande Mall.  This is a newer mall, large, and well designed with almost any store, product, or restaurant you may need but don’t forget the favorite stores and restaurants in Florence.

Florence is the county seat for Pinal County, Arizona. Florence enjoys a rich history in Arizona and is a designated “Main Street City”. “Historic Florence” offers two very good museums and please don’t miss the Florence True Value Hardware Store. The owners have renovated three old historic storefronts to create 1 large very well stocked store with a historic feeling. It is like taking a step into the past and if they don’t have it, you don’t need it!! There are several other historical sites surrounding Florence. These include 11th century Indian settlements, ghost towns of the 1800's, and gold, silver, and copper mines.

Woodmere Associates Realty was established more than 20 years ago and has been providing outstanding real estate brokerage services ever since. We specialize in the retirement communities in the Florence area and undeveloped tracts of land in and around Florence.